Sunday, April 13, 2009:

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Friday, May 16, 2003:
I actually got a piece of fan mail! It was obviously from a crazy person, as they said they respect almost everything I write, but it's still fan mail! Hooray. Thank you.

Actually, I might get more fan mail than I'm aware of, but end up deleting it. I get over 200 emails a day, even though it's only once a week or so that I get one that doesn't have something to do with reducing debt, or enlarging some body part. I've written of this problem before, and it has simply exploded since then. Maybe people actually sign me up for these mailing lists out of spite. Or, maybe, I'm simply having the same problem as everyone else out there.

The Matrix was simply amazing, for those of you who like it when I state the obvious. The utter confusion I experienced at being subjected to an 8-minute dance/sex scene was easily overcome with the five or six times the movie nearly stopped my breathing out of sheer amazement. The story telling element wasn't as nice, in my opinion, as it was in the first movie, but the special effects and sheer magnitude of creativity surpassed any expectations I had (even after having it beat into my head by the hype over and over that this will be the coolest movie I've ever seen).

I just... don't know why that dance scene was in there. "We're going to die, more than likely. There's a robot army coming to kill us. Let's.... DANCE." When I watched the movie, they made it a little more interesting by accidentally putting advertisements for local businesses over the... stuff on screen, but I really don't know why they didn't go ahead and make the movie an even 2-hours by cutting out that whole mess.

I didn't go to the special sneak preview thingie like every other obssessed fan did. I figured it would be at midnight, like the special preview for every other *@#(*# movie has been, and decided not to go, as I tend to lose appreciation for anything but sleep after 10:30. Star Wars Episode II was just a blur of pretty lights in my memory as of the next morning, with Yoda's little fight being the only part I could really remember. Of course, I think a lot of people felt like that no matter when they saw it...

Anyway, it turns out that the movie started at 10:00, entirely boggling any concept I previously had about the term "release day," as 10:00 on the 14th shouldn't really legally count as the 15th, but what the hell do I know? I would have gone, but didn't, and had to wait an extra day. Seems just as well, however, as it sounds like there was a lot of drama I enjoy living without. All sorts of people from high school bumping into eachother for the first time since... Episode II, and all the awkwardness that implies.

Bumping into people from high school has to be one of the most odd feelings in the world I've ever experienced, as you feel obligated to talk to the person, even though you've gone your seperate ways, and more than likely never spoke with that person before. I've had such winners as Blake Lee, along with numerous other asses I've never spoken to (whose names I don't even know), come up to me and try to hold a conversation as though we were best friends before graduation. No... I was the "nerd" you used to make fun of/ignore/etc. Why in the hell would I want to talk to you?

At the same time, you run into people you thought you were relatively good friends with, and they simply say "Hi," and quickly run away as though you were one of the aforementioned asses in THEIR life (which there is a good chance of, but its always a bit humbling to find it out).

To close, I simply want to toot my own horn at being promoted from E-3 Seaman to E-4... something or other. Petty Officer 3rd class I think. The important part is the extra few hundred dollars I make a month. Yeeha.